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Title: "At The Renaissance Festival" Media: Watercolor on Paper, 22"W X 30"L

Title: "Portrait of Wisdom" 2018 Media: Watercolor on  Paper, 22"W X 30"L 

  Title: "Street Musicians 2017" Media: Pastel on Board, 24"W X 36"L Price: $1500.00

Title: "Jaden" 2017 Media: Oil on Canvas, 14"W X 11"L  Price: $150.00

Title: "Blue Angel" 2018 Media: Watercolor on  Board , 22"W X 30"L   Sold

Title: "Wireman" 2018 Media: Pastels on Black Paper, 12"W X 9"L   Price: $100.00

Title: "The Artist's Wife" 2018 Media: Pastels on Pastel Board ,19"W X 25"L